Laundry Room Organization

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With all the chores and everything going around the house, I must admit, the laundry room is the part of the house I don’t pay much attention to. Why would you, you would just go there to do the laundry. Wrong! Every part of your home is important. Whether you have a big or small laundry room, you always have to make sure that everything is organized. If you want some laundry room ideas on how to get organized and become clutter-free, then these DIY organization ideas will help you out!

If you want to save on drawers, try making this DIY project. Just a little woodworking and you can have am inexpensive storage.



Utilize all surfaces and spots in your laundry room. This useful hack utilizes the back of the door to hang a rack to organize laundry supplies.


Anyone who does the laundry would know that there will always be lint. Easily dispose of that with this cheap and easy project you can make in just ten minutes.


Want to save space in storing your ironing board? Here’s an easy life hack you can make by using two robe hooks.


If you have cabinets or shelves then these dollar store plastic baskets can surely get your laundry room organized in no time. Just don’t forget the tags!