How to Get the Most Out of Your Pants

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You need get your pants right, and it’s trickier than you might think.

1. Always buy half-lined pants

“Navy wool trousers always work, but make sure they’re half-lined, or they’ll itch over the thighs if you get warm when dancing. The ideal trouser is slim cut with a normal waist and narrow foot; it’s timeless and always works.”

2. Pay attention to fabrics

“When you’re investing in trousers, there are some fabrics to avoid. Hopsack, for example, will always lose shape, and the same applies to cashmere. If the blend is over a percent), the trousers won’t last very long.”

3. Fit is everything

“Fit is crucial, because however well made the trousers are, if they don’t fit, you will never wear them. Look inside the trousers to see how the seams are constructed. If the seams are not flat then the outside seams do not lie properly. Check to see if there is sufficient inlay to let them out at a later date. 4. No skinny trousers with suits

5. Consider the construction “Avoid skinny trousers with a suit. And steer clear of manmade fibers and white.

Pale cream is OK. What’s more, you can never have enough pairs of gray trousers. Flannel in winter and plainweave in summer.”

“Handmade trousers will benefit from a stiff waistband, curved metal fly zip, hand finished fly, hem, and pockets, hand-sewn curtains (inside, covering the waistband) and decent-sized pocket bags. But ready-tailored trousers just need to be robustly sewn, in good cloth, and fit well.”

6. Pleats have their place

“Pleated trousers are much more accommodating around the middle region, especially if you’re sitting down.

7. Get the length right

“Ideally, if you’re short or stocky, you should be looking for a half break or full break in the trouser, so it hits the shoe perfectly. It’s also worth the effort of getting your formal trousers angled at the hem (i.e a bit longer at the back than the front). This will allow them to hit the shoe in a much cleaner way.”