drycleaningIn our continued effort to provide the best cleaning available for your clothes and to achieve our goal of being more environmentally responsible, we have purchased a new state of the art Dry Cleaning Machine, the MultiMatic MS 50. For years drycleaners have used a solvent called Perc, which while effective, is dangerous to handle, can leave a strong odor on clothes and is heavily regulated by the EPA. With this new machine we will be using a HydroCarbon solvent which is not only safer and more ecological, it will also provide a better texture and put more body back into your clothes. We are very excited about this machine and the benefits it will provide our customers and the environment.

Shirt Laundry

shirtlaundryIt’s All About the Shirt Besides using the very best detergents and cleaning solvents we also provide a superior shirt finishing process. Our shirt press is state of the art and insures your shirts are pressed to the highest quality standards every time!
The Lightning Series features formed bucks, contoured chests, side airbags, and PVP Pleat Vent Press to produce the highest-quality shirt. The PVP’s are specifically designed to press the sleeve pleats and vent areas without flattening the cuffs. The contoured chests are designed to fully press the front and back of the shirt. Every shirt goes through a 4 point inspection process to insure the highest quality possible.

Cobblestone Shoe Repair

Visit They have been family owned and operated since 1938. Our philosophy is simple: Do the best job, with the best products, for the best price!

Ram Leather Care

Go to for all your leather and fur cleaning needs. Many garments require special care. Our process at Ram Leather Care will give your garment the very best cleaning available. Ram uses a variety of technologies in order to custom process your garments with the best system for their individual needs. Ram employs an environmentally friendly cleaning system.


Don’t forget we have a full service seamstress for all your alterations needs!


wetcleaningFew St. Louis cleaners have equipment specifically designed for this new cleaning process. Wetcleaning requires a range of techniques and technologies such as computer-controlled washers and dryers, the use of special soaps and conditioners as well as knowledge of fabrics and fibers. The detergents and solvents used are more environmentally friendly than what you use at home and provide superior body and brighter colors to your clothes. It combines the gently process of hand washing with the efficiency of professional cleaning.

The accuracy of moisture in the garment is extremely important in wetcleaning to prevent overdrying for better finishing and reduced energy and labor costs.
Wascomat’s unique Residual Moisture Control provides accurate temperature control that insures the desired level of moisture in the garments, and stops the dryer automatically when the desired moisture level is reached