Green Clean

VIP CLEANERS cares about the environment. It is our goal to continually reduce the carbon footprint we place on our Earth. This past year we have taken several significant steps towards this reduction.

1. We have converted the Plastic bags we use to cover your garments with a new ecologically friendly plastic called Ecomax(TM) . This is a new technology developed to respond to the growing market demands for degradable polyethylene films and bags. These bags degrade after a 15 month period and will help reduce the amount of waste in our landfills.

2. We recently purchased a Multimatic HydroCarbon drycleaning machine.
Since the mid 1800’s the standard solvent used to dryclean clothes was Perchloroethylene or Perc for short. While very effective at cleaning, this solvent often leaves a chemical smell on the clothes and is considered toxic waste by the EPA and Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Our new machine uses HydroCarbon solvent which is similar in cleaning effectiveness, leaves your garment with no chemical smell and as important, it does not produce hazardous waste byproducts.

3. We are one of a few St.Louis area cleaners who have specialized equipment specifically design for wetcleaning. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), wet cleaning is the safest professional method of garment cleaning. It does not use hazardous chemicals, it does not generate hazardous waste, nor create air pollution and it reduces the potential for water and soil contamination. The specialized detergents and conditioners used in the wet clean process are milder than home laundry products. All the products are disposed of down the drain and are easily handled by the local waste treatment facility.

4. We recycle all of our metal shirt hangers (last year we recycyled over 75,000 hangers) and as many cardboard and plastic containers as possible.